Training and orientation of elementary school teachers, Headmasters, Officers of Education, Instructors Resource Persons to improve their skills.


Academic and resource support to the elementary education system in the district by extension activities and interaction,as a resource and learning center for teachers and Instructors and development of TLM


Action Research and Experimentation to deal with specific problem of the district in achieving the objectives in the area of elementary education.

The National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE, 2009) elaborates the context, concerns and vision underscoring that teacher education and school education have a symbiotic relationship and developments in both these sectors mutually reinforce the concerns necessary for qualitative improvements of the entire spectrum of education including teacher education as well. The new concerns of school curriculum and the expected transactional modalities have been emphasized in designing this Framework for all stages of school education. Issues related to inclusive education, perspectives for equitable and sustainable development, gender perspectives, role of community knowledge in education and ICT in schooling as well as e-learning become the centre-stage in the Framework.
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