How to design a piece of furniture in three easy steps?

How to design a piece of furniture in three easy steps?

An essential characteristic to explain what a piece of furniture is is precisely the fact that it is a portable element whose moving can be done easily from one place to another. The furniture has been created as a basic element to be possessed in certain spaces in order to allow greater utility and comfort.

In this sense, we can say that objects such as chairs, tables and beds will surely have been the first furniture sets to be built by man since they fulfill essential functions within a house: to allow mainly food and rest for the human being. Then, other furniture arises like the desk, the cupboards, chests and trunks, the libraries and other so many that acted, each of them, for a specific job. All these are done by professional assembly services.

With the passage of time the furniture went from being something only functional and utilitarian to become also a set of decorative elements. In the last centuries, the notion of furniture appears as an ornamental as well as an efficient thing, reaching our days with an updated vision: in the present, each type of furniture, each style of furniture and each design has the objective of creating different, personal and unique spaces for each room.

Normally, the furniture has been assemble at home with resistant and durable materials in order to guarantee an appropriate time of use. In this sense, wood and metal have traditionally been the two basic materials for the construction of furniture, although the development of industry and technical advances also allowed the work with other elements such as latex, resins, plastics, cartons and derivatives also new ones such as polymers and synthetic fabrics.

We call the group or set of furniture “furniture” which is what we find in a house or roofed area, although interior design elements and auxiliary accessories that complete the space and make it more suitable for housing can also be included in this category. The furniture can be classified into different types according to the room to which it is intended, according to the type of material or also in style. The furniture is particularly designed, regardless of its style or form,

Today industrial design has specialized, being the area of furniture design, the area in which the production of different prototypes of furniture is planned and executed, some exclusive and current while others become collective and massive furniture that they follow generic styles that are determined by the industry, along with the fashion of the moment, which are sold at more accessible prices but often of inferior quality. There are already a variety of schools and workshops that teach furniture design courses as an independent technical career. Thanks to this and the great advance of technology, which provides basic knowledge, together with the discovery of a wide variety of new materials, it is now possible to personalize and create our own furniture.

Know about classification of furniture

Due to the wide variety of forms and styles of furniture, the study of their classification becomes extensive, that is why we will make the grouping of them according to certain similarities. Although this classification may only be approximate, we will, for practical purposes, group them according to their structure, this grouping being as follows:

Box furniture : In the first group are the furniture in which their pieces form a box usually straight are included in this group in addition to the boxes and coffers, all the diversity of cabinets and their derivations.

Table furniture: Thus, in the second group, there is the furniture that has as characteristic a board or table that serves to perform activities such as eating, working, writing, etc. It can have many forms but its purpose is support, here is included the full range of tables, desks and similar.

Rest furniture: Finally, the third group is the furniture that serves for rest, such as beds, benches, seating in general, etc. In regard to the structure and construction of the seating is usually run by specialists who work according to the techniques of carpentry, intervening in its final finish the technique of the upholstery.

Design process of the furniture

We will analyze what the professional furniture assembly consists of, and the guidelines to take into account when developing it. This is very important because regardless of what we want to build, we must put all our dedication and creativity. These guidelines will help us build from a simple bookseller to the complete assembly of an entire kitchen.

  1. Visualization or creative process: First before furniture put together, take contact with the space to intervene and visualize it to discover the limitations, whether space, comfort, economic, time, etc. In this step we will capture all our needs and expectations. At this point it is also better to define the color of the furniture and the combination of colors. There are two basic factors that directly affect assembly of furniture, such as: daily use and environmental conditions. In this sense the furniture must have these two qualities:
  2. Tolerance to the usual efforts to which it will be subjected during its useful life without affecting their integrity.
  3. Resistance without deterioration environmental variations of its environment. The furniture installation in a home has been designed and developed to perform specific functions, which explains the different characteristics of the furniture in each room.

These qualities provide the furniture with the ability to be used without inconvenience. Once the tolerance and resistance of our furniture is determined, it is up to us to achieve the correct design. For that we must orient ourselves in achieving harmony between these other three elements:

  • Function: what is the use or activity that will be carried out with the furniture, for example: eating, cooking, etc?
  • Form: that is the plastic resolution or the form that we will give to the furniture taking into account its function.
  • Materials (Constructive system): is the way to materialize the form that responds to the function for which it is designed. In our case the main material will be the wood used as a melamine board joined with metal screws.

We must point out that these three components are linked together and do not break their normal balance. Ne can also take help of furniture assembly companies.

If you are going to take services of furniture assembling company then do the following first:

  • Make list of office furniture installation companies and confirm about their services
  • Confirm about rates of assemble furniture service
  • Confirm about what furniture assembly service they provides.
  1. Measurement: Then, as a next step in case of office furniture assembly, we will use the measuring tape to measure the reference measurements of our area to work. As a recommendation takes the measurements in centimeters it will be less complicated. We will measure the length, width and height of the room. Once these support data are obtained, we begin the project by defining the total size of the space that the furniture will occupy. Help yourself by drawing up an outline using drawings, which you will verify later to avoid mistakes. We must make sure that our furniture fits effortlessly in a room. If the measurements show overlap, it is best to design something smaller or continue looking for furniture dimensions that work with the room.
  2. Exploded: In this step it is necessary to make a sketch for furniture assembling service specifying the measurements of each of the parts that will make up the design of our furniture filling the data in detail on a sheet of paper that we will call an exploded sheet or an exploded list that will be of very useful when we buy the material and when furniture you put together. It is important to name the pieces of furniture to avoid confusion throughout the process.

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  • office furniture installation services,
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